Roman Mosaic Kits for Schools

Our Roman Mosaic Kits are a fantastic activity when you're planning your KS2 Romans topic. These pages have some great KS2 Roman facts about mosaics along with a mosaics gallery to help generate creative ideas for your class. This makes for easy lesson planning along with some terrific Roman mosaics resources for children.

Everyone in your class can create their own fantastic mosaic using real mosaic tiles.

Our kits provide a fun, creative and enriching activity for your KS2 Romans topic.

It's the perfect activity for studying Romans - and the completed tiles make an awesome display!

Watch our step-by-step video

What's in the kit?

Our kits contain 10 different colour real mosaics. These have been carefully chosen to reflect the choices that Roman mosaic artists would have used - with a good mix of light, dark, bright and neutral colours, for an authentic look.

Our kits contain everything your class needs for everyone to create their own 10cm square mosaic masterpiece. The kit is designed to make it all very straightforward for staff and children. Included are easy to follow instructions, real mosaic tiles, backing boards, safe imitation grout, a planning grid, plus your pupils can watch our short step-by-step video to show them what to do. It's that easy!

Lesson Planning

Our Roman Mosaics Facts page includes some key information on Roman mosaics and a gallery to inspire your pupils. There are also links to make lesson planning straightforward!