Islamic Design Mosaic Kits for Schools

Our mosaic kits with an Islamic design are a fabulous resource when you're planning your KS2 Islam topic. Everyone in your class will have the opportunity to create their own stunning Islamic mosaic using real mosaic tiles. Also, when the tiles are put together they create a repeating pattern making a fantastic display!

Our tile design

We have chosen colours that are often used to decorate mosques, where blues and greens and white are favoured.

Islamic mosaic designs often feature flowers, trees and fruits and use repeating patterns, shapes and symmetry.

Our tile design features a repeating flower pattern. Each tile shows one flower and when the children's tiles are put together it makes a beautiful floral design.

Why does the design use five colours? Muslims practice the Five Pillars of Islam. The Five Pillars of Islam are the five obligations that every Muslim must satisfy in order to live a good and responsible life. Many decorations in mosques use the number five in their designs.

Curriculum Links

  • General introduction to Islam
  • The mosque (special places, sacred spaces)
  • Thanking God for the natural world - care of nature
  • How do Muslims express their faith in art
  • Islamic art

    Watch our step-by-step video

    What's in the kit?

    Our kits contain everything your class needs for everyone to create their own mosaic masterpiece. The kit is designed to make it all very straightforward for staff and children. Included are easy to follow instructions, real mosaic tiles, backing boards, imitation grout, a detailed planning grid, plus your pupils can watch our short step-by-step video to show them what to do. It's that easy! Our kits are a fun, creative and enriching activity for your KS2 Islamic topic - and the completed tiles make a stunning classroom display!

    Lesson Planning

    Our Islamic Mosaics Facts page includes some key information on Islamic mosaics, Islamic art in mosques and a gallery to inspire your pupils. There are also links to make lesson planning straightforward!